Children's Forum select books for their library


Valapatttanam Gram Panchayat Library, marks another significant day as the members of its children’s forum participate in book selection for the library on 06 April 2018. With the annual grant from the Kerala State Library Council, the Library’s Book Selection Team for the children’s section, which is comprised of children themselves, procured books most desired by children.

The books selected vary in range from academic reference books to pictorial story books and throughout the year the children constantly work towards updating the list of the most desired books, adds Mr. Binoy Mathew, Librarian. The process is very engaging as each child reviews a book and shares the review with the larger group, says Binoy. A monitoring team along with the librarian checks the list to avoid duplication.

The library is part of the Indian Public Library Movement aiming towards making libraries as inclusive space and addressing the needs of the community. The library has mobilized the children and youth in the neighboring communities by encouraging them to form forums, in particular. This year the children were taken to visit the International Book Festival in Kannur and they got an opportunity to interact with the famous author Dr. Jinesh Kumar Eramam.