Public Libraries Observe World Book Day, 23rd April 2018


World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day, a yearly event held every year on 23rd April was observed by the intervention libraries of the Indian Public Library Movement across the country. To promote and encourage usage of library and its services , activities were organized with the user’s community and authors.

Here is a brief highlight of the activities undertaken by some of the intervention libraries:
• District Library, Amritsar celebrated World Book Day with the library users and authors by providing a platform to share their thoughts on ‘The book I liked most’.
• M.M. Central State Library of Patiala, the library staff observed the day by visiting a rural library (in village Malikpur, 25 kms from Patiala) set up by one of their readers and donated books to this library to promote access and reading for those in the village.
• Book discussion with children by Kerala Academi Award winner 2018, KT Baburaj in Vallapattanam Gram Panchayat Library, Kannur, Kerala
• Book exhibition by Central Library of Tiruvannamalai and State Central Library of Hyderabad

The World Book Day, is observed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for promotion of reading, publishing and copyright. UNESCO describes this day as a world wide tribute paying day to books and authors and encourage everyone to access books. Reading, according to UNESCO is a powerful force of poverty eradication and peace building.